A Construct the Koreas (Never) Made Together: Deconstructing the DMZ for the Imaginary 

Dongsei Kim's animation in the Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsula at 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice, Italy. June - November, 2014.

This work was part of the Korea's pavilion "Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsula" curated by Minsuk Cho, Hyungmin Pai, and Changmo Ahn with deputy Curator: Jihoi Lee. The pavilion was awarded the Golden Lion for the best national pavilion.

"A Construct The Koreas (Never) Made Together: Deconstructing the DMZ For The Imaginary"
By Dongsei Kim. Assisted by Namju Lee and Eleni Gianpapa. 2014.
Music by Johnny Ripper, “In a dream” (02:46) from “soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist."
Special thanks to: Namju Lee, Eleni Gianpapa, and Sandro Marpillero for their support in producing this work. 

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