Feb. 13, 2015

Exhibition: Making Border: Afterimages and Projections, DNA Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Dongsei Kim's research animation on the DMZ "A Construct The Koreas (Never) Made Together Deconstructing the DMZ For The Imaginary" (2014) assisted by NJ Namju Lee and Eleni Gianpapa and "Uncovering the Agency of Unknown Armistice Maps: The First Iteration" (2015) mapping project assisted by Jack Isles was invited to be exhibited in the Making Border: Afterimages and Projections group exhibition at DNA Gallery, Berlin, Germany. This exhibition is curated by Seoyoung Kim (A Radical Place) in collaboration with Dongsei Kim. Other participating artists are Mariam Ghani and Yuichiro Tamura.  The exhibition opens on 13th of February 2015 and ends on the 31st of March 2015.  

Photo credits in order of appearance: Rosalie Bourgeois de Boynes, DNA Gallery, Seoyoung Kim, Jeonghoon Lee, Jeonghoon Lee. Courtesy of DNA Gallery, Berlin, 2015.

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