Nov. 19, 2016

Conference: 6th International Landscape Planning and Design Conference & Expo, Xiamen, China


Dongsei Kim was invited to deliver a presentation on his ongoing research on the DMZ at the 6th International Landscape Planning and Design Conference & Expo in Xiamen, China.
Invited by Moderator: Dr. Jason Ho, Initiator of Mapping Workshop, Founding Director of Urban Informality Lab,Creative Director of FEI Architecture

Link to presentation video

Other international presenters included:
Eckart Lange, University of Sheffield, UK
Luis Paulo Faria Ribeiro, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Margaret Crawford, UC Berkeley, USA
SueAnne Ware, The University of Newcastle, Australia
Lisa McKenzie, University of Edinburgh, UK
Karin Helms, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage Versailles, France

November 19th, 2016.
Photo credit: Jason Ho.